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Teacher Spotlight: Brooke Laven

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Meet Brooke from Teach Abroad South Korea 2016-2017! Check out what he has to say about living and working as a teaching assistant in Sunchang, South Korea:

Where are you from?

I’m from Minnesota!

What was it like to work at your school?

I teach at five schools: two elementary, two middle, and one high school. I have a wide variety of students, but my favorite thing about working at all of my schools is all the fun activities we get to do in place of class every now and then!

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Why did you decide to teach abroad?

I wanted to learn about and experience the rest of the world outside of my hometown and home country. Yes, I've certainly begun to accomplish them!

Did you get TEFL Certified before teaching abroad? How did it help you?

Yes, it taught me how to be prepared for getting in the classroom in real life.

What was your favorite place in South Korea?

There is a mountain half-a-mile down the street from my apartment, and my favorite place is in the pagoda on top of it.


What is the funniest thing a student said while you were teaching?

I've had my students write stories and comic books, and those have definitely been the funniest things my students have said in English!

What was the biggest challenge of teaching and living abroad?

The biggest challenge of teaching and living abroad is the language barrier, but I've become a much more adaptable person due to the situations that I've faced dealing with the language barrier.

What will you miss the most about teaching abroad?

The excitement of something new every day.

How did teaching abroad influence your career and life path?

I've learned how to be adaptable to almost any situation.


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