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Adventure updates

Bangsan cho
Bangsan elementary school snapshot. Feeling accomplished after a fun day of playing where are these song lyrics from? Korea or America: Kpop vs. Apop. Flashback, two girls tug at my arms and beg me to sit with them at lunch. Flashback, pulled off a Konglish conversation with the librarian successfully. Flashback student feeling my abs and being mad impressed. Flashback, coworkers picking me up at the bus station and driving me to work instead of having to take the bus. Flashback ping pong with the 6th grade teacher after class. Gosh what a good day.

I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of teaching and the 6th grade teacher actually thought I had been a teacher for much longer than 6 months. This is the first job that I have enjoyed in its entirety and that has challenged me to think creatively and quickly in order to make a positive difference on many people.

Random mullet

 Even on the one student in Korea that has a mullet. Children's laughter and smiles flood my mind and I am pretty sure that this is therapeutic. I feel centered and ready to take on the world. And what a fascinating world it is.

Common korean design

Common Korean design. The green floral pattern looks so natural. oooo ahhhh.

Coldplay was live! Something just like this

First time Coldplay played in Korea after 17 years of touring. I want something just like this. 

Exercise machines in the mountains Random exercise machines

Random exercise machines everywhere, literally EVERYWHERE!.  Like this one was on a hiking trail.

Memorial tower halfway up a mountain

Cool memorial tower halfway up a mountain.

Overlook view of Yanngu over the trees

Come one, come all and see the best view of Yanngu on top of a three story tree house. Equipped with binoculars and a view that puts you above the mountaintop trees,, you are sure to have a whole new perspective of this dinky city :P

Some of the signs here are just too ridiculous

Some of the signs here are just too ridiculous. Who would fish in a toilet. That is just weird.

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